Mahindra Innovation Awards


Innovation projects must involve an element of novelty in product, process, component, existing architecture or business model.

Efficiency improvements with well-known tools and frameworks will NOT qualify as innovation for MIA 2022.

If you have difficulty in categorising your idea, then please feel free to contact the respective MIA anchors for your sector.

For Mahindra Innovation Awards 2022, participation is open across TWO categories:

Process innovations including but not limited to:

  • Innovation in core processes such as manufacturing, production, sales & marketing, R&D, delivery method, supply chain, order fulfillment, etc., that leads to significant improvement in operational efficiency, operational effectiveness, significantly improved production and/or strategic flexibility
  • Innovation in enabling processes such as HR, IT and even corporate governance and legal functions, etc.

Product/Service Innovation including but not limited to:

  • New or considerably changed product or service for the customer that uses unique technology or frameworks
  • New product in the market or a quantum shift in design of an existing product that has opened up new markets.
  • New platforms for multiple products catering to a range of customer segments or needs.
  • New or considerably changed standards of performance established in an existing product or service category using innovative mechanisms and technologies.
  • Innovation on services that try to create holistic experiences by emotionally engaging consumers.

Innovations done in response to COVID- 19 crisis could include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Modifying existing processes, business models, products, services etc. to address urgent needs
  • Creating newer, cheaper alternative technologies, products, services for mass dissemination and application
  • Products/services that are designed and developed for social good and created with the goal of extending and strengthening society